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Karmveer Canteen


Our college has spacious canteen known as Karmveer Canteen. It is located inside the college. It is a place for student-teachers, teacher-educators, administrative staff and parents to enjoy highest quality Maharashtrian food. The canteen is well-equipped with technology based facilities such as LED TV, computer, internet facility, wi-fi etc. The canteen is designed with cubicles.


There are typical, modern and well-equipped cubicles in canteen. There is a big kitchen. The kitchen staffs provide nutritious and hygienic food to all to maintain healthy digestion. The focus is on nutritious and safety food.  Food items are prepared with purified water. There is provision of light refreshment like tea, snack items etc. The canteen is attractive with its airy surroundings and sound seating arrangement. Attendants are ready to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the canteen. As a result, the canteen is functioning efficiently. The student-teachers, teacher-educators, staff, parents and guests can get enjoy comfortably of food items prepared in the canteen. The Management of the Karmveer Canteen is under the direct control of college administration. The Manager or Contractor of the college canteen is selected according to the available and suitable quotations.