About College Of Education



College Of Education,Barshi


          To prepare the trainees to face the challenges keeping the pace with present era of           globalization and E-media as well as to instill human values.



          To produce competent, committed professional teachers and to develop responsible citizens,who           will work as agents of social change in the emerging global society.


  Goals & Objectives

          To produce competent and commitment oriented professionals.
          To develop skills needed for becoming effective qualitative teachers.
          To enable the trainees to act as agents of modernization and social change.
          To cultivate rational thinking¬† and scientific temper, for solving the problems in emerging society.
          To acquire competencies related to curriculum development, its transaction and evaluation.
          To know the educational needs of special groups.
          To promote capabilities for imbibing national values and goals.


  Teaching faculty
          The college has well qualified teaching faculty. The faculty members have research attitude,           devotion of work.

  Courses run by the institution
          In Maharashtra there are only two institutions that run education and physical education courses           together and our college is one of them. Our B.Ed. and B.P.Ed. courses are grantable.The           following courses are run in our college.
           D.T.Ed., B.Ed., B.P.Ed., M.Ed., M.P.Ed., M.Phil. (Education)

          The college focuses its activities on the following aspects.


          b)Physical Education        



          d)Extension activities


  Infrastructure and physical facilities
          The college has the specious and airy classrooms, well equipped E.T. lab, computer lab with           internet facility, psychology lab, science lab, library with reading room, SUPW room, gym and           gymkhana, HOD rooms, auditorium, central auditorium of mother institution, seminar room,           principal office, staff cabins, clerical office, physiotherapy lab and common room for girl students.           Mother institution has a hostel with all necessary facilities for our students. The institution has three           play grounds of its own and one ground of sister institute having 400 meters track for conducting           sports and games  activities.

  Out Comes
          Students of all courses stand in ranks in the examination, achieve excellence at  university/state /           national level sports activities. Our results of all the courses are  nearly 100% in university           examination.

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