Social Services

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Service to society leads to the service to Nation. It is the important aspect of human life. The inculcation of social responsibility developed through social activities. Social service is a compulsory practicum in teacher education programme. Teacher should develop social values. Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Holkar Solapur University,Solapur has included social service practicum inĀ  B.Ed. course.

To enable the Student-Teacher-

  1. To help to understand the concept of social service.
  2. To help to acquire the knowledge about the contribution in social development of social service.
  3. To introduce various programmes and saints for social development.
  4. To help to understand the need of interactions between society and educational institutions.
  5. To help to motivate to participate in social development.
  6. To develop various qualities regarding social service such as dignity of labour, social commitment, cooperation, sympathy etc.
  7. To help to understand responsibility and role of teacher as a factor of society.

Duration- A day in a Week (Saturday)


  1. College Level-
  2. Campus Cleanliness
  3. Decoration
  4. Plantation
  5. Library Service
  6. School Level-
  7. Decoration of School campus
  8. Health camp
  9. Creation of teaching aids
  10. Parent Teacher Association
  11. Plantation
  12. Leadership Training
  13. Eradication of superstitions
  14. Social Level-
  15. Plantation
  16. Cleanliness
  17. Eradication of superstitions
  18. Literacy Programmes
  19. Cultural programme
  20. Health camp
  21. Survey
  22. Leadership Training

The above mentioned social activities are conducted in our college.