Socially Useful Productive Work

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Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) is an activity in training college where student-teachers can choose from a number of activities e.g. Plantation, Campus cleanliness, knitting, gardening, cooking, painting carpentry and other crafts and hobbies. Student-teachers learn to work as a team and to work with skill.
SUPW aims to help to develop among the students the habit to work as a community, encourage community thinking, increase awareness of scientific advancements and develop a scientific outlook. The training acquired in the classroom is expected to help student-teachers to solve day-to-day problems of the community.
SUPW may be described as purposive and meaningful manual work, resulting in either goods or services which are meaningful to the society.- Report of Review Committee, 1977


SUPW is a purposive and meaningful manual work organized as integral part of the learning process resulting into goods or services useful to the community. The competencies to be developed in this field should include knowledge, understanding skills and values through need based life activities. SUPW helps the student-teachers to –
Understand the concept of SUPW.
Know the great social workers.
Know activities of the art and craft.
Understand the social service at college, school and society level.
Develop respect for manual work and regard for manual workers.
Inculcate values, core elements and life skills.
Develop proper work habits.
Develop self-esteem and confidence through achievements in productive works and services.
Develop a deeper concern for environment and a sense of belongingness, responsibility and commitment to the society.
Develop awareness of socio- economic problems of the society.